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I tell you that right here is the W9 Form to download and printout.
The W9 Requestor Instructions are on this site as well.
They are also on the very informational site

Jim worked in television as a free lance audio technician.
He worked for several different TV companies on live shows all over the country.

Each company wanted him to fill out a W9 form so that they could have the information that they would need when it was time to send him a 1099 form after the year ended.

The W9 form asked a lot of questions, but the ones Jim had to fill out was name, address, sole proprietor, social security number and the date.

The form is used for some other situations in various ways, but the instructions tell you what to do.

Most people will use it the way Jim did.
The instructions are on pages 2, 3, and 4 of the 4 page form.

the nice part is that when you see the form and you read it for the first time you can see that for a large percentage of the population using it, the form will only need  name, address, the box checked for sole-proprietor (if that is what you are) and a social-security number or TIN (Tax Identification Number).

Then sign and date it. You fill out page one page only.

 So Jim got several 1099s in the year after he worked and he then added the income listed on them to his tax filing. 

If you are a foreigner use the W8Ben in it's place and here are the
W8 Instructions. If you are a student or a borrower use this form W9s.
If you speak and read Spanish you can use this form W9Sp.
Here is a free 2014 Monthly Calendar to download and printout out if you like!
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