Print Out W9

W8BEN for Foreigners

Print a free IRS W8 Form.

Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding.

The W8BEN is not for US citizens and the W8 Instructions cover more than the W8BEN section. It covers other W8 forms as well, so there is less to read that would be thought.

The W8BEN form is for foreigners who are subject to a 30% tax rate

On income that they get for US sources that are consisting of:

  1. Interest, including certain original issue discount (OID)

  2. Dividends

  3. Royalties

  4. Annuities

  5. Premiums

  6. Rents

  7. Compensation for or in expectation of services performed

  8. Substitute payments in a securities lending transaction

  9. Other fixed or determinable annual or periodic gains, profits or income.

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